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Our grading scale is based on the following behavior and effort levels of 1-5:

5= Level O (Outstanding)
  • Helping others willingly by giving positive feedback
  • asking class member to join you without teacher involvement
  • "Doing" without being asked
  • Helping others (i.e. teaching a peer how to shoot a basketball correctly)

4= Level S+ (More than satisfactory)
  • Accepting any class member as a partner if asked
  • Encouraging and complimenting others (put-ups)
  • Correcting own behavior without being asked

3= S (Satisfactory)
  • Cooperating with others
  • Following directions
  • I can/I will try
  • Sportsmanship
  • Citizenship
  • Being prepared (shoes)

2= S- (Less than Satisfactory)
  • Tattling, blaming others
  • Talking out of turn
  • Abusing equipment
  • Needing extra encouragement to participate
  • Not prepared for class with proper equipment/clothing (non-marking shoes)

1= N (Needs Improvement)
  • Hitting, pushing, fighting
  • Not participating
  • Leaving without permission
  • Refusing to work with a class member
  • Arguing/name calling
  • Out of control
Grading Policy