Education is the key to success in all areas of society.  As an educator, it is my responsibility to provide my students with a strong academic foundation, which will open doors to endless opportunities for success in life.  It is my belief that students should be taught in a positive, rich environmental setting where they have the ability to freely express their thoughts and ideas.  Each child's own unique qualities and characteristics should be respected, for each child is an individual.

Parents also play a very key role in the success of their children.  Parents should feel welcome in the classroom setting and they should be encouraged to play an active role in the educational success of their children.  The classroom environment should be one of a cohesive partnership between the teacher and the parent where the student is the prime beneficiary.

Educators need to create a desire for learning within their students by modeling enthusiasm and a positive attitude toward education.  Parents and teachers who work together to make school a positive and rewarding experience for their children create successful and productive leaders of tomorrow.
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Mr. James Philosophy